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Any of you Lego fans?

Well, I was looking around the Internetz when I stumbled on to the Lego website. They have a lot of cool lego toys for Prince of Persia and I found this video narrated by Jake Gyllenhaal! It's a summary of the adventures you can have with the toys. 

And there's more stuff over at the Lego site. Enjoy!
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In general, how many times have you seen the movie?

Let's be honest...how many times have you seen the movie?

1 to 3 times
4 to 7 times
8 to 10 times
More than 10 times [if so, how many?]

Oh and I thought this would make you guys chuckle. Post this whenever you see haters of the movie talking crap:

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Blu-Ray Special Features!

Anyone who got the Blu-Ray watched the special features yet? I'm know some of you are still waiting to get the movie, but I hope you get time to watch the special features!

The primary bonus feature is The Sands Of Time (HD), a CineExplore track that can be enabled during playback to branch out to over forty featurettes. Disney also wisely includes a menu option for easy access to the featurettes outside of feature playback.

The segments include:

“Rewind 1: Jerry Bruckheimer Introduction” (:51, HD)
“Filming In Morocco” (2:16, HD)
“Moroccan Marchers” (1:40, HD)
“Rewind 2: The Next Action Hero” (2:12, HD)
“Functional Fitness” (1:54, HD)
“Walking Up Walls” (1:52, HD)
“Rewind 3: Designing Persia” (2:49, HD)
“Epic Dive Breakdown” (1:16, HD)
“Rewind 4: Gemma Arterton: A New Kind Of Princess” (2:06, HD)
“Making A Princess” (1:33, HD)
“Rewind 5: Alamut From The Ground Up” (2:19, HD)
“Layers Of An Ancient City” (1:00, HD)
“Rewind 6: Parkour: Defying Gravity” (1:48, HD)
“Parkour Legend David Belle” (2:00, HD)
“Rewind 7: The Look Of Rewinding Time” (3:00, HD)
“Rewind 8: From Gate To Film” (2:26, HD)
“The Dagger Of Time” (1:59, HD)
“Moroccan Artisans” (1:54, HD)
“Rewind 9: Behold The Mighty Ostrich!” (2:51, HD)
“Ostrich Jockey Tryouts” (1:41, HD)
“Moe The Ostrich” (1:22, HD)
“Rewind 10: Penny Rose: Master Costumer” (2:14, HD)
“Snake Dude” (1:27, HD)
“Rewind 11: Avrat Bazaar Fight” (1:26, HD)
“Rock The Cashah” (1:05, HD)
“How To Collapse A Tent” (2:34, HD)
“Rewind 12: The Hassansins” (2:21, HD)
“The Deadly Arts” (3:17, HD)
“The Animal Lair” (1:23, HD)
“Rewind 13: It Was Hot Hot Hot!” (2:37, HD)
“Ostrich Love” (1:31, HD)
“Rewind 14: Filming In The Atlas Mountains” (2:02, HD)
“Rewind 15: The Making Of An Epic Battle” (3:09, HD)
“The Whip Fight” (1:38, HD)
“Rewind 16: A Knife Thrower’s Shoot-Out” (1:38, HD)
“Too Close For Comfort” (1:13, HD)
“Rewind 17: Filming At Pinewood Studio” (2:24, HD)
“Time-Lapse Of The Pinewood Sets” (1:03, HD)
“Rewind 18: Making Sand From Scratch” (1:25, HD)
“Rewind 19: The Sands Of Time” (1:08, HD)
“Memories Of Time” (1:05, HD)
“Rewind 20: Jerry Bruckheimer’s Photo Montage” (1:14, HD)

My favorite one was "Moe The Ostrich" lmao! Too funny! Anyone had any favorites? Favorite moments? 

Who is your favorite brother? And why?

Favorite brother? GO!

Tus--The eldest and next-in-line for the throne. He is devout and understanding, the qualities of a future king.
Garsiv--As the middle brother, he is headstrong and a military leader at heart. A word of caution, his smile is rare and if you point it out, he may cut you down with his axe.
Dastan--The Lion of Persia and the youngest of the brothers, he is courageous and strong of heart. He places his family above all else.
Oh damn, I can't choose!
Dastan hotness

Let's turn back time...

Remember the trailer and the first time you saw it? Probably at the movie theater during the previews or on your television set.
What were your first thoughts of the movie after watching the trailer?

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